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tv   Stossel  FOX News  March 23, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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roger ails and regardless of where you stand and he is sharing it into buyinggraphy off camera. >> jon: just out a new book about roger ailes and getting some special attention like this like barack obama. how often does he play basketball and golf. i wish i had that kind of time. he is lazy but the media won't report that. i didn't come up with that obama said that to barbara walters. cnn embarrassed herself by trying to spin that has a racist comment that the words were echoing the president's own words. many in the liberal media reacted as expected but as the author points out they are not
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so liberal when it comes to accepting points of view. >> why is it the cultural left, you know, he drives them crazy. >> well, i don't know. i think he doesn't drive me crazy. it's more of a question how much tolerance people have for other points of view. roger is so direct and can be abrasive a and at times he is intentionally abrasive. he likes to pull people's chains. he told me a couple of times, i'm not a pudger but i'm a countered puncher. that certainly the way he sees himself, under assault by the cultural elite. when people fight back, they are controversial and roger is tough fighter. >> jon: he did build fox news
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channel into number one. tough being on top. everybody is trying to bring you down. thanks to our panel and i'm jon scott. thanks for joining us. keep it right here on fox news channel see you next week for another edition of fox news watch >>. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> i'm arthel nevil. >> the senate passing itself on the back after approving the first budget in four years, is washington celebrating as to? >> and president obama is warning of an extremist threat in syria and the syrian
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government could be using chemical weapons against its own people. >> extreme weather bearing down. as a massive and potentially dangerous weather system hits. we'll show you where it is headed. >> terry: first a milestone for the health law. >> remember this, president obama signing the giant piece of legislation into law back in 2010 but any birthday celebrations may be kept low key because the law seems as controversial as ever. now there are new signs that political fight over it could be heating up yet again. molly henneberg is live in washington with more. >> dueling opinions on the impact of obamacare and whether it's been a boon or a boondoggle for americans and americans businesses. president obama says the law protects americans from insurance company abuses and
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suggests the law is saving people money. president said in a statement, quote, millions of seniors are saving $600 a year on prescription drugs. millions of young people have been able to stay on family's health plan until age 26. mammograms for women and wellness programs for seniors are covered on free of charge. for the fiscal future the growth of healthcare costs is beginning to slow. but they want to repeal part of obamacare. a tax on medical devices that would have increased the costs we pay for things like latex gloves to wheelchairs to hip replacement. there is still $1.3 trillion in other taxes that are set to hit over the next decade. house republican speaker john boehner put out a statement on obamacare. he said, quote, far from bending the cost curve, it's projected price tag is nearly doubled. health insurance premiums are
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expected to climb further when the law takes full effect next year. the millions of jobs democrats promised is nowhere to be found and businesses large and small are already pointing to the impact of obamacare as the reason for planned layoffs and reluctance to hire more staff. republican controlled house passed the budget that repeals and de-funds obamacare but in the senate in this week a measure to repeal obamacare was voted down. >> the beat goes on. thank you very much. >> gregg: not much has changed. >> the senate approving a democratic budget in a late nightmare thon of voting. >> the ayes are 50, the nays are 59. >> senate has passed a budget. >> gregg: that was about 5:00 a.m. everybody it was bleary-eyed and
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it calls for nearly one trillion in tax increases and protecting safety net programs. it's unlikely to pass congress in the current form. no surprise there. shura, good to see you. was this meaningful or political theater and not very good theater? >> it was mostly political theater to be honest with you. i think the only meaning is the fact that the senate has not done one of these voter ramas and not tried to pass a budget in four years. once every four years, like a leap year but with a lot of the amendments going back and forth there was an opportunity for senators to put legislation on the table to force colleagues to vote and democrats say we put a budget on the table and we technically passed it. >> gregg: real fight is coming
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up the summertime? >> it's going to be two-pronged. you are going to have a debt ceiling debate when funding for the government runs out. president and white house wants to have a deal with some kind of tax increase and house republicans do not want to include that in any kind of package. they don't want the debt increases limited. secondly, there is talk about a grand bargain to get a new budget in place. >> gregg: how do you handicap that? >> i think this is one of better chances we've seen in a while. >> gregg: why, because the president is paying attention to his poll numbers which is dropping considerably? >> i think he is paying attention to congress. first term he ran against them for reelection campaign. he didn't want much to do with congress. he didn't work with them or invited them up to the white house. this is the first time we have soon signs of reaching across the 16 blocks to capitol hill.
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i think house republicans have come to the point where they really see that the american public is sick of what i would call crisis fatigue. every three to five months there is some crisis in congress and go down to the last minute and then they pass some kind of continuing resolution. not just house republicans but congress in general and the american public is sick of this legislation. there is obviously some political motivation there. >> gregg: rate option capitol hill is lower than lawyers which is astonishing. i'm a lawyer so i can say that. there is growing voter anxiety over the debt which is approaching $17 trillion and this budget passed by the senate democrats does not ever foresee balancing the federal budget. instead, it spends all the new tax receipts and then some. is that politically troublesome for them and for the president especially as they approach next
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year's midterm elections? >> it is a little. i think the voter has expectation that the government should balance its books. we shouldn't run a deficit at least one that is as large now. i think it's precarious and for the senators, democratic senators running for reelection in red states. that is why you saw four democratic senators they are all representing states that barack obama lost. >> gregg: speaking of debt and deficits, president obama said recently the debt is not an immediate problem, but by huge margins, americans disagree. 68% of them disagree with the president on that. they also think he is wrong with b something else. spending. this is a fox news poll. they think his top priority should be cutting spending to
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reduce the deficit, not spend more, taxpayer dollars to create jobs. is that why president obama seemed to have dropped the campaign for spending realize he is pushing his job ratings down and in the process driving away potential voters? >> i think there has been a sense over the last month or so, as you point out poll numbers have gone down. white house is not going to make a big campaigns go across the country asking for tax increases but that is also because they are saving a lot of ammunition for the budget fight this summer. that is when you might see them make the requests again, any kind of grand bargain over the budget or grand bargain over the debt ceiling has to include some kind of tax increase. >> gregg: keystone pipeline passed the senate, 17 democrats sided with the republicans on the keystone pipeline. does that increase the political
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fortunes and maybe prod the president to go against the environmentalists? >> it does. it passed the senate and support in the house. it definitely puts the burden on the president to make a decision about whether or not he wants to sign off on this project. from everything our reporters at roll call, decision is supposed to come in the second quarter of this year. it puts the pressure on him. >> gregg: a lot of environmentalists say the building of keystone pipeline will cut the carbon emissions, but that is whole another story. shira, good to see you. >> arthel: under orders to slash hundreds of millions of dollars, program aviation administration planning to close 149 air traffic facilities around the country. this will force pilots to
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coordinate among themselves on a controlled frequency. >> gregg: we are learning now more about the tragic accident in alabama. a flight status sign suddenly falling at birmingham airport killing a boy and injuring four family members including his mother who is in critical condition. nearly 400 pound sign trapped the family underneath. it took a crowd of people to lift it off. >> the family was crushed, little kid was crushed underneath the sign. everybody was trying to lift it up. i helped lift it up and pull people out. >> gregg: the airport just underwent a major renovation there. it's concourse is reopening only last week. >> arthel: extreme weather alert. smus jus when we thought we were done with the snow. a late season blizzard slamming
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the plains. they are preparing for a foot of fresh powder and spring snow delaying flights in and out of denver and crippling several major highways across colorado. a live look in colorado right now, janice dean is live in the fox weather center. i don't know if you can see me but i'm shaking my head. >> as a meteorologist, we're supposed to embrace all weather but here in the northeast we don't need a weather snowstorm. we want springtime flowers. across the south, it feels like spring but it's the tale of two seasons. winter across northern half of the season, springtime across the south. let's take a look at it. potential for not only severe weather but blizzard conditions across the northern plains. let's take a look at winter weather advisories. winter storm warnings six to 12
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inches of snow and winter storm watch as the storm continues to move eastward across the ohio valley and into the mid-atlantic and even the northeast. that will be next story. severe threat continues today for all these big states, texas through florida up to georgia and see the possibility for isolated tornadoes across the gulf coast. thunderstorm watches, eight or 9:00 p.m. local time for parts of alabama and georgia, mississippi, florida up to the carolinas. severe thunderstorm warnings in and around where the watches are posted. no tornado warnings but we'll keep you posted. let's take a look where we are seeing the snow fly denver, up towards nebraska. as the storm continues to move eastward, ohio valley and up towards the northeast we could be dealing with a major winter storm for all of the northeast coast all up and down the i-95
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corridor. >> arthel: i have mad love for you but right now. >> at some point you have to let mother nature due it's course. >> gregg: i'm heading south tomorrow, college tour for my 16-year-old caught. we'll see how it goes. we are awaiting word on 11th hour bailout deal in cyprus, they are facing a machine deadline. last week's failed proposal just happened to personal pensions have triggered massive protests. lawmakers have been working around the clock to avoid it and reports they have come up with a brand-new plan. greg palkot streaming live from cyprus. >> reporter: just in the past
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hour, breaking news it appears we have a makings of a deal to help cyprus to avoid bankruptcy. it's important for europe and united states, too. the reports that we are getting is that officials have agreed with european union officials and other international bodies to tap into big dposers bank accounts to the tune of 20%. its controversial move. other depositors 4%. crucially, small depositors will not be hit and their pension funds will not be hit. so this could fly. this in addition to other elements of a bailout package which has been thrashed out over the next 48 hours could be enough to satisfy the european union. now this plan according to reports has to go to brussels, has to be approved and they have to decide whether they pony up their share of this bailout.
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remember, european union has pulled a plug on cyprus if they weren't satisfied. this is all a good thing for the folks here. we have been out on the street and they are desperate. their banks have been closed for on a week. atms are going short, gas is short. you name it. the banks are set to reopen on tuesday so if these reports are correct and if the bailout is approved by european union we have to see what happens when the banks open and if there is still a run or stampede on the banks here. again, keeping cyprus out of bankruptcy was very important for cyprus but for the european union. they were worried about domino effect. because the european union is the number one trading partner for the u.s., trouble in europe is trouble for america. so maybe, just maybe a lot of people can breathe a little
12:18 pm
easier. we're not getting in confirmed but we won't see until tomorrow but maybe some daylight in this ongoing, quite intricate financial doings in cyprus. >> gregg: what an amazing series of events. greg, thanks very much. i guess my grandmother was right keep your money in a mattress. better return if you live in cyprus. >> arthel: coming up, we have breaking details about a murder case that has riveted the country. finding a link of colorado prison chief to a parolee who died in a wild shootout. >> president obama conveying a message of solidarity in israel saying america will always have its back. will his words reassure our closest ally in the middle east. my main goal on this trip is
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>>. >> arthel: quick check of the headlines, two teenage boys under arrest in georgia and charged with the shooting death of a 13-month-old baby. toddler was in a stroller when he was shot in the head during a robbery. both suspects are charged with first-degree murder. and deadly coal mine collapse kills one miner in utah. accident happened when part of a tunnel roof gave way. we are a awaiting update on the shooting in virginia. military officials will release the identities of three victims includes the suspected gunman who police say died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot. >> gregg: new details in the murder of a colorado prison chief. evidence found after a shootout in texas have police linking parolee evan spencer to the
12:24 pm
murder of the prison guard. >> reporter: he was killed in a car shootout with texas authorities has for the first time been named the official suspect in the colorado prison system chief. announcing that evidence gathered in texas provides a strong lead in the assassination at his home on tuesday. underscoring the investigators have made a hard link but shell casings from the shootout with evil match the same of caliber of the other home and as to the other home and that his car matched the description that was spotted the nice the prison official was killed. he was a member of the white
12:25 pm
supremacy gang that is considered one of the most vicious groups in nation akin to the aryan brotherhood. in the past it suggests probably someone instructed him to kill the prison chief. >> you don't have the authority as a member of a gang and just kill someone. it has to be a called shot by a shot caller. so doc undoubtedly is looking to see who the shot caller was. when they find the shot caller, there is going to be a murder charge lodged. >> reporter: even though he is dead the connection to the 211 central to is central to the investigation. >> gregg: thanks. president obama is returning to the united states after a trip to the middle east. how did he do?
12:26 pm
>> arthel: and capturing a ball of light sleeking across the sky, a meteor or something else. what nasa is saying coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ what's droid-recognition ? understanding you clearly... what is the capital of zimbabwe ? ... the first time you ask with the google voice search. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid recognition. droid powerful. an intense burning sensation i woke up with this horrible rash on my right side. like somebody had set it on fire. and the doctor said, cindie, you have shingles. he said, you had chickenpox when you were a lile girl... i said, yes, i did. i don't think anybody ever thinks they're going to get shingles. but it happened to me.
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12:31 pm
prisons. moving $150 million and other funds into the bureau of prison's accounts. boris barovsky has died and he was vladimir putin fiercest critics. he was living in engs i'll. >> president obama is back from the middle east to showcase his first visit to israel where he discussed topics like iran's nuclear program and the frozen peace process with the palestinians but beyond substance it's rich with symbolism he wanted to show his commitment to israeli security. k.t. mack far land is joining us. good to see you k.t. >> great to see you. >> arthel: before i ask you your
12:32 pm
overall grade. i want to go down to specific subjects and iran wanting to get nukes. to diffuse some of the tension between president obama and netanyahu. of course president obama is saying to netanyahu, look, do what you got to do, we got your back. how do you see it moving forward? >> i think this was a successful trip. what he did, what president obama did was to give netanyahu a green light. do what you got to do and we've got your back. they have said that before but in the press conference, i thought was very revealing. they kept repeating it. president obama then said we're going to give you a lot more assistance, military assistance to deal with that. netanyahu thanked him for it and said at the end of the press conference that he couldn't resist, now for all of those, i
12:33 pm
want to make sure you understand the president has really done something significant. he is going to give us the military assistance that we need. i think to translate it all, netanyahu, you do what you got to do. you've got a green light to do it. we will give you the assistance that you need to do it. we will have your back but we're not going to with you shoulder to shoulder. >> arthel: let's go here and what do you think is the president's takeaway on the israeli-palestinian issue? >> he gave netanyahu a green light with regards to iran, i think he put a white flag with the palestinian thing. every president comes in his they are going to have peace. in his first term it's only going to take a year. i think president obama understands how complicated the issue is. they have been fighting since
12:34 pm
the old testament and i don't think it's likely anything is going to happen. he puts the white flag up for that one. >> arthel: let's talk about jordan because you've got 400,000 syrians depending on which report you read fleeing there. one of rebels seized one of the major defense bases which is near the jordanian border. how do you think it will affect his relationship with king abdullah? >> in this regard, they don't want a lot of blood on this. president obama understands that the syrian situation could get a lot worse. all of various groups fighting assad of syria. they want assad to go. they also potentially bring that violence across the border from syria into lebanon and most particularly into jordan.
12:35 pm
i think obama was trying to have a better relationship with king abdullah of jordan. unlike other parts of arab spring where they are willing to let kings fall but with abdullah he has to support him and give him the kind of assistance he needs especially to deal with the refugees. problem with refugees they rarely come alone. there will be fighters that want to bring the fight to jordan. >> arthel: that makes it so complicated. i was in istanbul, turkey and i was talking to a guy from syria. he was saying that want president obama to arm the rebels, opposition forces. britain and france are on board with the notion but how do you think president obama will move forward with respect to syria? of course, there is chemical weapons factor.
12:36 pm
>> we have green and white and now i think what he has done he put the red line. chemical weapons we're not going to let that happen. >> arthel: so finally, i ask you what do you think the overall grade. i was going to start and end with that. >> i have to say it's incomplete. he did better than anybody thought. all these issues are really unresolved. iran unresolved. syria and what happens with jordan, unresolved. i do think the thing with the syrian situation, most important thing we've got to get our hands on those chemical weapons. in libyan war we failed to secure khadafy arsenal and that has been feeding and fueling all the way to gaza. if we don't make sure we know
12:37 pm
where those chemical weapons are before that government falls you could see chemical weapons spread throughout the region. >> arthel: k.t. mcfarland, good to see you. >> gregg: very different subject this past year, really proving how vulnerable the electric grid is after hurricane irene and super storm sandy millions left in the dark for days and weeks. now one power company is investing billions of dollars to upgrade while creating thousands of new jobs. doug is joining us live from new york city. >> reporter: are you willing to pay more for electricity if your power is more likely to stay on in a big storm? that is tradeoff and lots of utility customers could be facing after super storm sandy knocked out power to 7 million people, one power company wants
12:38 pm
to sign off a ten-year $4 billion plan to largely redesign much of its system to better withstand large storms. >> sandy was a game changer for us completely. i've been in this business for 27 years. we used to be helping out down in florida, helping out down in the gulf coast. we now have to be the focal point. we have to build our system the same way. >> reporter: in new jersey, utility bills are some of the highest in the nation. upgrade shouldn't cause bills to go up but big rate reductions won't happen. is the big fix worth the price? >> what they have told others is they believe the work they want to do was outlined in this petition will only address about 40% of the problems that they see in terms of avoiding outages. that is not enough, as far as i'm concerned, for $4 billion we
12:39 pm
should get a better result. >> reporter: beyond new jersey this raises questions for power companies all over the country. how much do you spend to guard against a storm that rarely happens? >> this was not just a lesson to them but a lesson to other parts of the country that face similar or other kinds of threatening events. >> reporter: that former federal regulator estimates power grid could use about trillion dollars in upgrades. >> gregg: thanks very much. >> arthel: it took almost 600 years for it to happen. the current and former leader of the catholic church getting ready an historic meeting. >> gregg: brewing financial crisis for retirees, why the golden years may be losing some of its luster for american workers. ♪
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>> gregg: pope francis traveling to a meeting with his predecessor pope benedict the 16th. during that visit two men in white took time to pray together before retreat go to a private dining room. benedict has been living at the lake side castle since last month since he was very first pope in six centuries to resign. >> arthel: stunning new report on retirement crisis. most people working right now don't have enough money saved to pay for their first year of retirement and good majority feeling they will not be able to
12:45 pm
retire. scott, how are you? what is driving this retirement crisis? >> over the past 30 years, wages have been stagnant. cost of living is going up. we have consumers struggling to find ways to fit retirement savings into their budgets. americans also live another year or two plus pensions, especially in the private sector are becoming a thing of the past. the percentage have workers at 3% is down from 28% in 1939. there is lot factors. >> arthel: definitely the case and we were saying most of future retirees they are saying they don't have enough money to put away to cover their first year after work. so what do you think? what needs to be done? >> you have to figure out how much money you need to retire. there is a great calculator from the employee benefit group.
12:46 pm
you answer questions, amount of social security you are expected to receive and calculator will tell you how much money you need to retire. this is great first step to figure out a p> arthel: then ife you need to know before you go there what is your comfort level. how much money would you like when you retire? >> exactly. a lot of retirement savings is type of lifestyle you want to live during retirement. you want to think about what is your financial life going to look like. you may have mortgage paid off but a lot more healthcare costs, assisted living home costs money and are you going to have to care on for your parents or grandchildren, you want to think about. >> arthel: and people not having enough money to fund their retirement. these are factors they have to consider. is there a way i might recommend how they could maximize their
12:47 pm
retirement savings? >> first off you wanted to start with that 401-k from your employer. your employer deduct money from the paycheck so it's directed to this account. you want to aim 6% of your income. this means you will have less money to spend. in addition to that you want to have a roth ira and you contribute money you paid taxes on unlike the 401-k where you are paying the taxes at retirement age. to give folks how powerful these roth iras are, if you started saving in your 30s up to the maximum limit which is $5500 a year. you will have an extra $200,000. that is how powerful it is. so it's important to start as soon as you can. >> arthel: let's talk about the folks that are not right there in their 20s or even in their 30s.
12:48 pm
that is, if you are close to retirement age you want to be having to invest in the stock market, could be too risky. you see the commercials of reverse mortgages is that good idea or just last resort? >> its last resort. if you are 62 and older and equity in your home this may be a choice to tap into equity in your home over the time you are going to be retiring. you can get it in a lump sum or monthly installments. your beneficiaries are going to have pay the money. >> arthel: they can sell the money. >> but if they want to keep the house they have to pay it off if they want to keep it. >> arthel: so stocks could be risky because too close to retirement. good job. thanks lots of information. >> gregg: he scares me. i'm 85 years old and working at
12:49 pm
arby's. nothing wrong with arby's. >> arthel: i'm laughing as you flipping burgers and fries. >> gregg: so many other things apparently. new worries about the crisis in syria with president obama warning that a nightmare scenario could be playing out. will syria be the next breeding ground for terror groups. we'll talk about the dangers next. >> i am very concerned about syria becoming an enclave for terrorists. they thrive in failed states. they thrive in power vacuums. [ engine revving ] ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken. ♪
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>>. >> gregg: president obama giving a stark warning on syria. the nation could be a haven for extremists once president assad is ousted. he is weighing in on growing speculation the assad regime is using chemical weapons against its own people. >> we have called for and we know that the u.n. is moving forward on investigation of
12:54 pm
exactly what happened. we're monitoring the situation ourselves. i have said publicly that the use of chemical weapons by the assad regime would be a game changer from our perspective because once you let that situation spin out of control, it's very hard to stop and can have enormous spillover effects across the region. >> gregg: the general is retired four-star general and fox news military analyst. pleasure to see you. thanks so much. you know, the rebels to overthrow assad desperately need weapons but they need intel. they have to know where the troop movements are. are they getting it in some way? >> they are finally starting to get it from us. i am delighted to see the increased support for the rebels.
12:55 pm
they are providing intelligence to them. they are downloading from satellite imagery and listening to what the syrian military is doing on the ground. we have enormous eavesdropping capability and we have human intelligence in terms of what is taking place. now that is bees funneled into some of the rebels, not all of them. free syrian army rebels that more moderate group. >> gregg: the rebels being outgunned. should we help weaponize them? >> absolutely. this has been going on for two years now. many have advocated and i'm one of them, we should have right from the start started the funnel lethal aid to the rebels. they need anti-tank weapons and they need airport aircraft weapons. we have a military stalemate in syria because assad's air power. he is able to stop those rebels and protract this thing.
12:56 pm
if we could bring those gunships we start to get an equalizer and it's believed the rebels would be able to regain momentum. >> gregg: president obama is warning that extremists could take over the country, reminiscent of nixon's remarks of shah of iran, he is bad but the alternative could be worse. it could happen in syria, could it get worse? >> i think that has always been the fear. i believe that is why the administration has not acted. we've been afraid of the consequence that our actions would be volatile and cause a negative result. the fact of the matter is, we're not involved, the al-qaeda are. greg, it's amazing. they have grown to somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 as a rebel force operating to depose
12:57 pm
the assad regime. they see it as a huge opportunity. they didn't start the arab spring and they take advantage of it. that is certainly a major concern post assad, how much influence would radical islamists have. i am delighted to see us providing aid and training and providing intelligence. hopefully provide some weapons to the rebels to turn the momentum around. >> gregg: and issue of chemical weapons. the president said, issued a warning that using chemical weapons will result in direct action from the united states. what should we be doing? >> the fact of the matter is we do have a jtf, joint task force under the command central command in jordan. that is military component that is responsible for this area of
12:58 pm
operation. it's combined, they have allies there with it. their principal task is locate the stockpile of chemical weapons and develop plans to secure them. i would assume by now given all of our intelligence capability, we have located it. i'm assuming we have detailed plans in what to do to secure those stockpiles in the event that is necessary. that would absolutely mean boots on the ground and that will mean u.s. boots on the ground, as well. special operation forces at a minimum and i would assume that we would use rebel forces to help us. >> gregg: general, thank you so much for being with us. >> good talking to you. >> gregg: that is going to do it for us. >> arthel: i'm arthel nevil. cavuto on business starts right now. have a good day. i need to rethink the core of my portfolio.
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